Give crypto a real value.

The RHT is the token that will mature crypto assets. It combines the stability of fiat money with the growth potential of cryptocurrency, creating the next step for a real financial system alternative.


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RHT's starting value was $0.10. Please connect MetaMask to BSC to see the current values from SmartContract.


Supply of RHT
in circulation


Price RHT according
to contract


Payout to BUSD
per RHT


Amount BUSD
in contract


It's the StableCoin

The RaddixHodleToken (RHT) is a token on the BinanceSmartChain that is independent of exchange prices and is 100% backed by BUSD. Due to its well-designed SmartContract, it does not know dumping, nor can its values be withdrawn in perpetuity. Its burning mechanisms nevertheless guarantee a long-term increase in value. That is why the RHT is a Stablecoin +. Stability plus increase in value. It offers a stable ground for further projects and is suitable as a long-term value investment as well as for fast trading.

Supply and demand only have an effect on the amount of tokens in circulation. The actual price of RHT, on the other hand, is determined by the total volume of transactions. It can therefore only rise or stagnate, but not fall.

Minting and redeeming the RHT, i.e. permanent interaction with the SmartContract, is a key feature of the RHT. We have simplified the minting process with an application.

RHT for traders.

RHT is the two value token. It has a value at which it is traded on the exchange and a second value, independent of the exchange, which is secured in the SmartContract. These two values differ due to the mechanics of the token. If the exchange price is lower than the price in the SmartContract, RHT can be bought on the exchange and redeemed for profit in the SmartContract. If the stock market value is above the price in the SmartContract, RHT can be mined and sold on the exchange. Thus, both the purchase and the sale of RHT on the exchange can always be realized profitably.

value SmartContract

value exchanges

RHT for investors.

RHT can also be held instead of traded to make a profit. The value of the RHT increases with every transaction. Transactions are encouraged both because of the SmartContract mechanics, which start at 500,000 tokens minted, and because of the various projects that will be linked to the RHT. This includes blockchain games and other projects that want to implement the RHT as a stabilizing token.

Benefits brief overview.


Total Supply

The actual supply is the amount of minted RHT depending on the deposited amount of BUSD.

Burn mechanism

Goal: increase in value
Up to 1% of the respective trading volume of RHT will be burned. For larger ones Quantities decreases the amount of trade volume burned to 0.1% at 100,000 RHT sent, or 0.05% at 1,000,000 RHT

Price mechanism

Objective: Stimulate trade
The contract mechanism is triggered from a quantity of 5,000,000 minted tokens. Here the number of minted RHT is imaginarily (calculated) doubled at times. This amount gradually falls back to 0 via a countdown over 9 weeks.

Liquidity Pool

95.5% of all minted tokens and 100% of all burned tokens go into the liquidity pool.

Founders Quota

4.5% of all minted tokens go to a private wallet. However, these tokens are also used to build liquidity pools on DEX, list the RHT on exchanges and conduct marketing activities.


Partners & backers

Linked projects

Get active with your project!

Do you want to go to the moon and beyond with your own project? Write to us and become a partner! Use the RHT for your own projects and benefit from the stock market-independent stability and constant growth that we generate together as token holders and community! We are also happy to make our expertise and web space available to you on our website so that you can present your own project in the community and get off to a good start!


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